The International Drug Law Advocacy and Resource Center (IDLARC) seeks to usher an overall “shift” away from punitive enforcement-based laws towards building a solid platform based on public health and human rights for law and policy around the use of criminalized substances, on the national and international levels.


IDLARC will provide a platform for legal research and advocacy around international drug law and policy reform, with a focus on processes on drugs at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The organization will also establish a resource center for laws relating to drugs, with the objectives of:

  • promoting evidence-based laws and policies around drug issues across the globe,
  • ensuring visibility throughout the UN system of the issues faced by people who use drugs (PWUD) and those affected by the drugs issue, and
  • creating law and advocacy resources for those working towards national and international drug law and policy reform.

Through webinars, workshops and other fora, IDLARC will provide instruction and educational resources on international drug law and policy to advocacy and other special interest groups.